AI for railway safety

A.I. Tech, an Italian company operating in artificial intelligence, launched AI-RAIL on the market, the solution for the safety of people and goods in the railway sector.

AI-RAIL is based on advanced artificial vision and deep learning algorithms and allows the detection of obstacles on the railway. AI-RAIL is, in fact, able to distinguish the following categories of obstacles: people, vehicles and boulders. The application is also able to identify the presence of trains in transit on the railway and deactivate obstacle detection dynamically; it is also possible to activate and deactivate the application dynamically via software (API) or via hardware (via I/O device), for example, to prevent it from generating alarms while the rail crossing is open, and therefore allow the passage of vehicles without restrictions. There are two main application scenarios in which AI-RAIL finds a natural use. At rail crossings, it is necessary to check for obstacles (such as people and vehicles) that obstruct the passage of the train when the barrier is closed. Therefore, it can be expected that the application is activated via external inputs, via software (API) or via hardware (via I/O device), only when the rail crossing is closed and is deactivated during its normal use. Conversely, in tunnels, at the exit or near rocky cliffs, the system must be in continuous operation. However, in order to reduce the number of false alarms, the system is expected to deactivate during the passage of the train, thanks to the possibility of identifying its presence via artificial intelligence.

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