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AI-Dash PRO, the A.I. Tech dashboard for data management, continues to grow. A little more than 4 months after its been launched (01.08.18), new and incredible features have been released, containing improvements in its use and new features, all to be discovered. Let’s see them in detail:

  • Monitoring of services: in order to guarantee solid performance and to manage the system administrator’s status more efficiently with AI-Dash PRO, it is now possible to monitor the status of the dashboard services through an intuitive web page, as well as having the possibility to restart one or more services where necessary.
  • Service update for free disk space monitoring: thanks to the update of the service to monitor free disk space, it is now possible to ensure greater robustness and scalability of the dashboard in terms of space, even when the amount of devices and the number of events for each device varies.
  • Ability to generate reports not only on simple sensors, but also on aggregated sensors; moreover, the possibility of displaying the expression used during the aggregation process simplifies its use even in situations where it is necessary to aggregate a large quantity of sensors (for example, in the case in which a shopping center wants to know the number of people who have accessed the facility from the various entrance doors).
  • New web page for license management; even the administrative part has undergone a small restyling, thanks to the introduction of a completely improved and much more functional license management page.
  • Weather monitoring: thanks to the introduction of a new feature, it is now possible to check when the weather information of a specific location has been updated, and to verify that the Key API hooked to the service is still valid.
  • Added support for AI-Traffic solution events: after the recent launch of the new integrated video analysis solution for traffic monitoring, support for managing these events has been added.
  • Improvements in the Reports management that the user has decided to send periodically, thanks to the introduction of a new monitoring page for the reports generated, which allow the need to download the reports (which are received via email) through a convenient and intuitive web interface; in addition, the possibility to customize the message to be included in the e-mails containing the report, as well as the multilingual support of the report, has been added.
  • • Introduction of the Calendar functionality: from today it is possible to insert temporal tags (ex: flyer launch in my sales area) that will be visualized inside the graphs. In this way, any anomalies in the counts can easily be associated with specific events of interest that have occurred.

New features that demonstrate the dynamism with which A.I. Tech approaches the market; from the headquarter of Salerno, the commercial management comments: “We have decided to offer the best to our customers. The latest news that we have launched since August, with the AI-DASH-PRO dashboard and the video analysis solution for traffic monitoring, AI-TRAFFIC, confirm the willingness of the property to offer its customers a solution and not only simple video analysis products (however advanced these are). An integrated solution that represents the best that technology can currently offer. ”

But this is only the beginning of a long series of surprises that the A.I.Tech team has developed for its customers.

Stay tuned!

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