“DEEP VISION”: the new A.I. Tech product line based on deep learning!


a busy year full of novelties, the AITech team decided to close 2018 with a surprise for its customers: a new product line, the “Deep Vision” line, based on the most advanced Deep Learning algorithms and Computer Vision available in scientific literature.

Deep learning is the new frontier that Artificial Intelligence offers today: literally, it is a “deep learning”. In fact, deep learning creates statistical learning models on several levels (for this profound), which work “by examples”. In other words, we provide the network with examples of the categories to be learned (for instance, a car and a truck), and the network simulating the functioning of the human brain can distinguish these categories. These deep networks have been designed by A.I.Tech’s R & D team in order to be as effective as it is accurate, the best the market can ask for. Yes, so high performance that in some cases allow the video analysis plugin to work directly on the camera, without requiring any GPU.

In particular, there are three new “DEEP” from the A.I.Tech house:

  • AI-BIO-DEEP: is the new module for biometric analysis, which allows to identify gender and age; the most important news concerning age concerns the possibility of estimating not just the age group, but an actual estimation of age, obtained through an advanced statistical regression mechanism. Even more significant and unique news is that the plugin can also work directly on board of the camera.
  • AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP: in September the A.I.Tech team released the first version of the AI-TRAFFIC plugin; less than two months later, a new enhanced version based on deep learning is available, demonstrating that the traffic market has become a strategic market for A.I.Tech and on which the company has decided to invest. AI-TRAFFIC-DEEP carries out both detection and classification based on deep learning, allowing to obtain remarkable performances even at night or in variable and problematic lighting conditions.

AI-PARKING-DEEP: this is the big news. A new product for smart cities and smart parking, AI-PARKING-DEEP allows you to monitor the status of a parking space by detecting vacant and occupied spaces. Thanks to the use of advanced classification algorithms based on deep learning, AI-PARKING-DEEP is able to analyze the status of the stall even if the car is only partially visible or occluded.

Three new major surprises that confirm the dynamism of a highly specialized team, operating in the video analysis industry for over 30 years and which has decided to put at the service of its customers always the best that technology can offer.

email: sales@aitech.vision

ph: +39 089 968 185


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