AI-TRAFFIC wins the IoMOBILITY AWARD, in the category Mobility Analytics


AI-TRAFFIC, the video analytics solution powered by A.I. Tech for traffic monitoring based on deep learning, the latest frontier of artificial intelligence, was awarded during the final phase of the IoMOBILITY AWARDS, as the best solution in the Mobility Analytics category.

The IoMOBILITY AWARDS were created to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecosystem of smart mobility in Italy. The winning solutions of this award have the merit of distinguishing themselves on the market for the uniqueness and creativity of the ideas, concrete benefits and level of usability.
AI-TRAFFIC was born from the scientific and technological experience of the R&D team of A.I. Tech, it is recognized as one of the most complete solutions nowadays available in the market for road monitoring and safety. It makes it possible to detect, count and classify vehicles (so as to distinguish cars, motorcycles and trucks). It also allows you to identify average speed and colour for each vehicle.
AI-TRAFFIC allows the detection of potentially dangerous situations, such as the presence of a pedestrian on the road or a vehicle stationary in a prohibited area, congestion, vehicles moving at too high a speed or vehicles traveling in wrong way. AI-TRAFFIC is based on advanced and proprietary deep learning algorithms.

A.I. Tech started in advance in the development of products based on deep learning and today almost all its solutions are based on these approaches; these products are among the very few in the world capable of being performed directly on the cameras, compatible with the few resources available.

“Today, developing products based on deep learning does not mean taking one of the famous deep networks, such as Yolo, now also available on the web, and using it on a server, as many do; the resources consumed by these networks are in fact too high, making them in practice unusable on cameras and in any case only on high-cost servers, even for simple functionalities. A.I. Tech designs and builds its own deep networks, thanks to the very advanced skills in this field, also subject of scientific publications, which allow to maintain performance very close to those of the best deep networks, but knocking down the required computational resources by hundreds of times. ” This is the comment from the Salerno headquarters, who continues: “We are very proud of this award, which represents a further recognition from the market for the work carried out by our team.”

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