A.I. Tech video analytics for FERROVIENORD

Thanks to the advanced video analytics solutions powered by A.I. Tech, based on best of breed artificial intelligence techniques, combined with the dashboard for the management and visualization of the collected data, in 2020 Ferrovienord has been equipped with a new and advanced technological solution, aiming to strengthen the protection and safety measures of travellers already in place in stations across the network, so as to counter the spread of the coronavirus.

The app is AI-CROWD-DEEP, the video analytics software from A.I. Tech for the estimation of the number of people and the detection of gatherings and overcrowded situations. This software, connected to the cameras already installed in the stations, is able to automatically detect and report crowdings in the stations of Milan Cadorna, Varese, and in over 20 of the most important layovers in the network.

Furthermore, the software, combined with the AI-DASH-PRO dashboard, is able to detect in real-time overcrowded situations involving travellers, providing to the operators of the Central Station in Saronno a graphic representation of the crowding levels of the areas of all the stations monitored. In case the system highlights any critical issues, the operators can directly view the images of the cameras to check the crowd by remotely inviting travelers to line up along the entire platform or to move from the station concourse to the platform.

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